Our Capabilities

Auos is a technology company that retains the skills and expertise to follow a project through from start to finish. This all encompassing approach to project development includes planning, management, implementation, graphic design, testing and maintenance. We can provide all of these services, or just the particular service that you require. Auos will take the care to ensure that our work integrates seamlessly into any existing structures or methodologies that are already in place.

Development Capabilities

Auos is primarily a Software Development company. Our staff enjoy solving creating innovative and efficient solutions for business problems. Some of these problems might include :

CMS Customisation

Content Management Systems (CMS) are commonly used to organise the content for a business website. Once correctly setup these systems allow the changing of a website without a large amount of technical knowledge required. Setup typically requires the purchase of domains, setup of hosting, database configuration, graphic design, SEO optimisation, and potentially setup for e-commerce applications.

Plugin Devleopment

If your business has an existing website and you wish to change a Postage Provider or an Payment Gateway, Auos can develop customised plugins to interface with your existing website software.


If your business is looking at providing online payment options for services or products sold online, Auos can provide a implementations for Credit Card, Paypal, Direct Debit payment options.

Data Mining and Processing

Auos can provide advice and data processing capabilities to move inconvenient bulk information (ie text files, csv files, website results) into a more convenient form (ie Database, Spreadsheet, Word Document)

Website Development

We can provide your business with a start to finish website solution including website specification documents, graphic design, html + javascript, web programming and hosting.

Support Capabilities

Being able to develop solutions is not enough unless you are able to support your products in a timely and effective manner. All Auos staff are highly experienced in all the major operating systems and can troubleshoot not only issues with our own products, but with alternate vendor products as well.

Technical Details

While every project we approach is assessed on its merits and the most appropriate technology is typically used, we do specialise in the following areas.

Programming Languages



Scripting Languages

Server Technology

Auos focuses primarily upon Linux implementations. Linux provides a cost effective and reliable solution that competes very effectively with other competing technologies from Microsoft and Apple.



Photographic Capabilities

Auos is currently increasing its skillset in the area of photography and video. We have invested in a range of professional A/V equipment to produce professional results for our clients in online media.

Original photo by Hansueli Krapf